Bed and breakfast

Bed and breakfast for the garden lovers, in this romantic shack. The shack is newly built, and lies in Fru. Pedersen’s garden.

The price for spending the night in the shack is 700 DDK for two persons. Breakfast can not be ordered. The payment is cash, when arrived.

In the main house you will find two rooms, for two people, to be rented in equal terms.

Shack 1

In this shack there is room for 2 people, there is a fridge, electric kettle, toaster, and various services. There is a corresponding terrace, overlooking the field at sunset. On the other hand, you look into Mrs. Pedersen’s garden.

    Shack 2

    In this shack, as is the smallest, there is room for 1-2 people. There is little service. Small covered terrace, overlooking the garden.

      Shack 3

      In this shack there is room for 2 people. There is a fridge and kettle, as well as service. There is a terrace attached to the garden.


        Bath and toilet

          Bath and toilet lies in Fru. Pedersen’s house.

          Fru Pedersens Have

          V. Anette Krogh Pedersen
          Skalstrupvej 36, 7570 Vemb


          Tlf.: + 45 40 25 96 25